1. BIG thank you to the Mori’s (Nora’s cousins) for a wonderful celebratory feast (and leis!) in Oceanside, CA! We had a blast hanging out with you guys and couldn’t have asked for a better end to our journey!

  2. An early morning farewell to Erin and her new baby. Also, touring > backpacking. #brazensaddles #endofthebeginning (at Oceanside Amtrak Station (OSD))

  3. #brazensaddles finally arriving at the pacific after almost three months and 4,000 miles of camp stove meals, swimming holes, great friends and family, and wonderful strangers! (w/ @e_r_i_n_r_u_t_h @maxwhocares )#waterneverlookedsogood #backtocivilization #oceanside

  4. y’know what this means!!??!? thank you road angels, hosts and friends, thank you earth, thank you body, thank you x10000000! (at The Pacific Ocean)

  5. BIG thank you to our hosts in Alpine, CA, Erin, Jon, and their kids (esp Jonathan, who gave up his room for us!), who treated us to an epic feast before our last day on the road! You guys are awesome and we had so much fun with you!!

  6. Dawgs in Mexico. #brazensaddles #borderlands #dawgsnotborders (at Historic Highway 80)

  7. US/Mexico border fence. #brazensaddles #borderlands #warondrugsterroranything (at Historic CA Route 80)

  8. Early morning shadows in the Imperial Valley. #brazensaddles #imperialvalley (at Brawley, CA)

  9. big things that move in the imperial valley #brazensaddles (w/ @zzzawa & @maxwhocares) (at Ocotillo, California)

  10. The wall. #brazensaddles #borderlands #jacumba (at Jacumba Hot Springs, California)